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Marin County


Tree Care Tips in San Rafael, CA

Preventative Care Guards Property Value

Ed Evans knows the seasonal needs of every different species in your landscape and has a keen understanding of tree anatomy and soil science. When you call Ed, you get the leading diagnostic specialist in the area spotting problems and managing them before they become a threat.

A certified arborist brings a wealth of knowledge on the best season and approach for each species avoiding pathogens and pest problems that could weaken the health of your tree.

Invasive species can send roots to sewer or water lines resulting in costly plumber bills and work to clear the roots may leave the tree structurally unsound. Call us for preventive measures to avoid root damage to sidewalks or structures and prevent damage to pools or decks from nearby trees.

Enhance Your Tree’s Health-Remove Diseased Material

Lingering wet conditions allowed fungus and bacteria to get a good foothold and thrive. Removing affected branches promotes the health of your tree. Leaving damage on the tree allows the spores and bacteria to spread and could kill the tree and spread to others.

The mild winters of our climate mean that fungus and bacteria never get completely killed off by hard winters so disease control through pruning of dead material is imperative to the health of your trees and landscape.


Arbor Day Tree Care